Week 12 Master Key Master Mind Alliance

5 senses


This week we discovered the power of using our 5 senses to help us live inside and vitalize our dreams.  Have you ever heard a song on the radio that instantly took you back to a special time in your life?  Or smelled a particular fragrance that reminded you of a loved one?  Have you ever heard a song that reminded you of a special trip?

This is very powerful. Combine that special fragrance(smell), your favorite sound, with your favorite food with physical touch and sight of your dream.  This makes it real – you’re living inside your dream.  It’s another fantastic way we learned to manifest the world we desire within – so that we can manifest it in the world without!  Powerful!  Powerful! Powerful!

dream board

To begin to use these incredible ways to manifest the world within so that you can manifest that world without – you must have a clear picture of that world.  Look at it everyday using the 5 senses to make your future a reality right now!

law of growth

The Law of Growth Simply Stated – What you think about grows.  Like many truths, the first time you hear it you know it is true.  It takes work to consistently focus on empowering thoughts that move you closer to your goals and your definite Major Purpose.  We must vigilantly use the 7 laws of the mind (like the law of substitution) to help us train our brains.

This week focus everyday on 30 things that you’ve done right in your life.  Begin to think for yourself.  When you do something this week make sure it aligns with your personal pivotal needs and not someone’s idea of what your life should be.  I have learned this can be difficult especially when a lot of these ideas came from people that we love.  However, our inner compass if we let it guide us tells us when we are on track.  Each of us has a destiny – Let’s mastermind and help each other get there!





Week 11 Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Plan comes together

As we continued our journey through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance in week 11 it has become clear how our guides on the trip have put together an incredible plan to help us realize our Definite Major Purpose.

All the pieces of this incredible plan are coming together (Reading our DMP, our Index Cards, The Greatest Salesman, Going on the Mental Diet, Practicing the 7  Laws of the mind and so on) for one purpose to create a mechanism by which we can manifest our Definite Major Purpose.  Create it within so that we can create it with out.

It just gets you so excited, and each breakthrough makes you want to strive for the next.  The first time I was able to stop thinking a negative thought using the Law of Substitution was very important to me. Yes! This is something I hadn’t been able to do in the past.


YOU’VE GOT TO BE PERSISTENT!!!!!!!!!!! Ever heard this before?  I’m sure you have.  I heard it many times, read many books that talked about it.  Now thanks to my excursion with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance I really know what it means.  Persistence consist of 4 habits – a Definite Major Purpose backed by a burning desire for its achievement, a Written Plan of Action expressed through continuous action, a mind CLOSED to all negative influences, and a Master Mind Alliance! Wow that’s what we’ve been learning and putting into action for the past 11 weeks!!!! I’m persistence! Who Knew?  Studies show that when you feel powerful you feel taller than you actually are.  Right now I’m feeling pretty tall!!!! Can’t wait for the next step on the Journey.

THOUGHT:  What if this was taught to all the young people in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades.  Just imagine everyone leaving high school with a Definite Major Purpose, a Written Plan of Action, a mind closed to all negative influences and a Master Mind Alliance.  Wow can you just imagine?






Week 10 Master Key Master Mind Alliance



Last Saturday I had a funny experience that was very powerful!  My wife and I decided that when she got off from work we would have a healthy meal instead of getting fast food.  After she got home we took off to get our healthy meal. 30 minutes later we got home we had 2 hamburgers, 2 orders of fries and 2 cokes.  Here’s the funny part – I was almost done eating before I remembered that we were supposed to get a healthy dinner!

It was like going through several traffic lights on the way home and hoping that all of them were green as you passed through because you can’t remember.  How did my healthy salad magically turn in to a bacon lovers double stack hamburger?

What we learned in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is so powerful. To change what happens in the world without we must first change the blueprint that we have internalized during our life time.  This incident reaffirmed what we’ve learned about the sub-conscious mind making our decisions.  On this journey with the great exercises we’ve learned how to influence our subconscious mind by taking RESPONSE-ABILITY for the application of the knowledge we are receiving in the Master Keys.

I have no doubt that if I am loyalty to this process of I will manifest my DMP and that is so exciting!




Week 9 Master Key Master Mind Alliance



Week 9 was another powerful, insightful week in my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  Our faith in this incredible knowledge was backed by the scientific validity of the exercises that we have been tasked with over the first 9 weeks.

We always been taught that if you are a left brainer you are logica,l and if you are a right brainer you are more imaginative.  What we discovered in class is that the truth is that a healthy brain merges information from both sides.

The genius of the exercises that we’ve been doing is that they take advantage of this by using the major ways we learn – so that we are able to effectively and powerfully create the world we want within so that we can manifest it without.

This information is so amazing it must have been what Andrew Carnegie was talking about when he told Napoleon Hill ” That the formula should be taught in all schools and colleges, and expressed the opinion that if it was properly taught it would so revolutionize the entire education system that the time spent in school could be reduced to less that half” Wow!  Just imagine the master keys being taught to every student, and just imagine each student leaving high school and college with a DMP based on their Personal Pivotal Needs!

One of my favorites is combining music with my DMP.  I have always imagined a particular song playing when my wife and I walk on stage to the sound of a standing ovation as we receive our Diamond Pin.  Combining the two has been powerful.  I’ve also combined exercise with the recording of my DMP with Music while jogging in front of my dream board.  It’s working!!!!!!

I can’t wait to start week 10!




Week 8 Master Key Master Mind Alliance



One of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned in the MKMMA is that we can get to a point in our consciousness where we can fight the negative thoughts that try to invade our subconscious mind.

It does take work, but if you’re willing to put forth the effort and become an observer in your life something incredible happens.

Just as Neo learned to stop bullets in mid air in the Matrix you can stop negative thoughts with your conscious mind.  I found myself doing this a lot this week and it was very exciting.  When I would have a negative thought or I would hear someone say something negative – I said “No, I don’t accept that.  I reject it”  As Mark J often advises – “I said it with Enthuuuuusiasm!”


2 Comes before 4 doesn’t it?

Every week there is an exercise that reminds us that it is not just what we think, but how we think.  We were given a set of numbers and we were ask to determine why they were in a particular order and what numbers were missing.  Determine to get the answer and type it into the box during the webinar – I went to work.  I got a piece of paper and a pencil and I started looking at the numbers.  I thought and I thought and I thought. Nothing made sense.  There was no order I thought to myself.  Then we received the answer – The numbers were in alphabetical order! It never dawned on me to look at the numbers in their word form.  Wow! They got me again! I love it!


Week 7 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance



In Week 7 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance we were introduced to the 7  Day Mental Diet.  Last week I read in one of my MKMMA partners blog how exciting it was for them to have tools they could use to create change in their lives.  I can totally relate.  3 things happened to me during this exercise that were very empowering.

  1. First, I became aware of how often I had negative thinking during the day.  So first there was awareness.
  2. Second, I started being conscious of outside sources of negative thinking – such as the TV on the news in the break room at work.  So I became more conscious of guarding my mind from the negative influences without.
  3. Third, I gained a very powerful tool in the Law of Substitution.  Being able to redirect your mind to a positive thought instead of trying to resist a negative thought is powerful.  First its much easier, but most importantly it works.

Just like we are what we eat – We are also what we think!



Everyone is aware that to transform our bodies it takes an effective meal plan.  The same is true for manifesting the life we want.  If we want to have powerful healthy thoughts than we must increase our thinking power using the exercises in the Master Key System



If you have a clear Definite Chief Aim that you’re running for, If you have the right mental diet and you are exercising your thinking muscles to manifest the life you want – You will Win Your Race and Achieve Your Goasl!




Week 6 – Master Key Master Mind Alliance



Every week as a part of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance has been a week of discovery, and week six was more of the same.

Have you ever heard something new or something that you heard before stated differently – that the instant you heard it you knew you would never forget it.

The statement “Don’t live by the Clock, live life by the Compass” is so powerful.

Today most people live their life desperately trying to get their to do list done before the clock on the wall saids – “Times up for Today”.  So what do we do?  We add all the things that we didn’t accomplish today on our to do list for tomorrow – Making tomorrow more stressful than today.

The statement had such an impact on me that I sent it to my business team. Ironically, I received a text back that said – “How appropriate, I’m stuck in traffic trying to make it to work on time.  Headed in the wrong direction.”


Have you ever done a Vision(Dream) Board? This week I learned how to place smart goals on my dream board and how to associate the smart goals with what I wanted to achieve.   Being involved in Network Marketing the concept of having a vision board was not new to me, how to associate the dreams I wanted with smart goals was.  In our class on Sunday Mark J suggested that we place our dream boards in a high eye traffic (vision) area where we would see it.  I really laughed at myself because I had done this really nice vision board and put it in a low eye traffic area in my office.  I moved it to the base of the stairs so every time I go upstairs I see it.  It’s directly in front of me.  I’ve looked at my goals this week more than I have in the last six months (smile).  Sometimes your Mastermind partner shares a great wisdom with you like “Live by the Compass”, then other times he tells you something like ” Hey buddy if you move that over there you can actually see it better”.  Wow!  The power of a Master Mind Alliance!